Family Dinner Book Club

I always have a list of 101 Goals I would like to achieve in 1,001 Days. My list is broken up into groups, one of which is ‘Family’. For my Family goals in my current list I have things like visiting a new Science Museum, making a family movie, going on a road trip, and having a family dinner book club. You see, I attend a book club each month, and have since the Bean was little. She wanted to join me, and I explained my book club is for adults so she requested a book club for our family.

When looking up books for having a family book club, I came across this amazing website Growing Book by Book that already had everything planned! Family Dinner Book Club has monthly themes with books, dinner ideas, crafts, talking points, and service ideas. It’s really rather nifty. I have been following the site for nearly a year, and keep meaning to hold Family Dinner Book Club. I have even gone so far as to have everyone read the book once or twice – but life has gotten in the way, and we never ended up having the “book club.”

I wanted to make it happen though, so I included it on my list of goals. It’s summer time, and we have more free time, so I decided to not only plan for it but to put it on the calendar! You know it’s serious when it’s on the calendar!


This month was a great month to start. The theme was Creativity, with the featured book being Maybe Something Beautiful by F. Isabel Campoy. It was available on Hoopla through our local library, so we were able to download it, and read it on the Space


Cadet’s tablet. It was short (40 pages) so I decided we would read another book about creativity as well, and chose What If…by Samantha Berger since the art looked cute and it was available at our local Barnes and Noble. So not only did we have the fun of Family Dinner Book Club, but the kids and I had the fun of a trip to the “Bookie Place!” complete with a cookie snack in the cafe! Both books were cute, and our family enjoyed them. Maybe Something Beautiful was actually based on a true story which is right up the Bean’s alley. What If… was my favorite of the two though, because the art is AMAZING! The Bitty agreed, wanting to read it over and over!


For dinner they suggested using food as art and making corn dog bites. My family doesn’t like corn bread though (I’m not sure what’s wrong with them), so instead of corn dog bites we had salami, hummus, and cheese be our protein.


The Bean and I had a lot of fun creating the scene and she chopped all the fruit herself – which was absolutely perfect, as this week is also Culinary Week for Mom Camp. The Bitty, much to our complete surprise even ate some red grapes!

We used their suggested discussion questions as a basis for our conversation. Instead of being about the book(s) though, the talking points were about the theme in general.

How can creativity make the world a better place?

Think of someone that you know that is creative. Tell us about him or her.

How can you practice creativity?

How does creativity help solve problems?

Think of a problem in our neighborhood. Now, let’s think of some creative ways to solve it.

What was the last creative thing that you did?

So, for July, Family Dinner Book Club was a success!! Next month’s book selection is Zoey and Sassafras: Dragons and Marshmallows by Asia Citro which the Bean and I are both excited about reading since it has magic, and science, and DRAGONS! We will probably look up some discussion questions that are related more to the book itself, instead of just the theme (curiosity), but will likely include at least some of the suggested discussion questions as well. Is Family Dinner Book Club something your family might be interested in doing? If so, is there a particular book or theme you are interested in?

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